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asp.net / pdf

Webboy2008 asked
I would like to have pdf on the fly in asp.net / c#.
My company already have pdf template with few input box inside.
All I have to do is to get the data from the database and
populate the data into the inputbox.

I believe there is fdf for classic asp. but now I like to do it asp.net / c#. anyone can share the codes and show me how?

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That's wont work to me. I already have template that i can change the design.
What do you mean when you say you already have a template? The code in that link describes how to take any string data and create a PDF with it.  The example they give is just that.  



I mean the pdf already have some controls there like input box, radio button and like input box
has empty value. I need to write a code to carry data from database to pdf...

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