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Upgrade PHP 5.2.13 to PHP 5.2.17

c3very asked
I need up upgrade my version of PHP and i'm not really sure the best way to do it.

I have Apache 2.2.21 and PHP 5.2.13 running on Windows Server 2003.  

I've downloaded the new PHP installer, is it just a matter of running it?  Do i need to back anything up?  Anything else i need to do?
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So i stopped the Apache service and ran the PHP installer.  I came up with an error saying: “Error trying to access httpd.conf file.  You will need to manually configure the web server.”  I opened the httpd.conf file and edited the PHP section to how it was before.  I saved it and started the Apache service without any issues.  

Is there anything else that i missed?
you may copy the zip version, extract and replace  your existing php folder, once replaced, restart the apache
Before you replace, remember to do a backup.
So, put this function into one of your pages:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Load the page, and look at the top.  Does it say "PHP Version 5.2.17"?

If so, you're probably all good.   Remember to go back to php.ini and recreate any changes you may have made there too.

The best test will probably be to go through your site page by page and check for any strangeness.

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