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Exchange ActiveSync Huge logs

I'm trying to find the reason why IIS W3SVC1 logs are getting so large. We have about 200 users with mobile phones, yet these logs are getting 1024MB on a daily basis? is it some sort of special logging turned on in exchange causing this?

I'm trying to find a way to prevent them from growing large so quickly.
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it is more to IIS log than exchange log, you can control what you want to collect via IIS manager.

and you can change it from daily to hourly, select which column you want to collect.

but 1G per day is huge. my server has 4k users and the logs is around 400mb.

but it is not only mobile phone but OWA, and other access. you need to determine which entry cause your issue.


I found that it was a user with a long list of sub folders in mailbox, all set to push sync with exchange. I undid this from her phone, and the logs immediately stopped growing as fast. They are averaging now about 40MB per day.

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