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How we use firebird database server from client machine

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I have installed the FQB through “fqb_d7.exe” for Delphi 7. I can find four engine component (ADO, BDE, IBX, DBX) on component plate (FastQueryBuilder) but unable to find and use engine for firebird which might be FIBEngine. There is a directory as “fib” in “\FastReports\FastQueryBuilder\source” with packages and source that might be installed with FQB but not found in component.

Issues are:
1.      We are using firebird database and IBO components for connection (IBODatabase for connection) here we don’t need to use any DSN to connect from client machine and its working. For query builder I need to use an engine to provide the connection/database name to get the table list from database. We cannot use BDEEngine due to the DSN requirement on client machine. Is there any way use query builder and fast report from client machine without any installation/setup/configuration?
2.      How I can use Firebird/Interbase Engine for the same?
3.     Using with ADOEngine is working when client/server is the same. Is there any scope to    use ADOEngine and don't need to create/configure any thing on client machine.

I hope you understand my queries and looking forward your help.

Thanks in advance!
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FireBird and InterBase are essentially the same things, the former being derived from the later. For the moment, they are compatible, so you use FB database with the same components as InterBase.
For DB connection : TIBDataBase ('InterBase' components)
For FQB : IBX engine.
For FastReport : I use TFrxDBDataSet to link another TDataSet component to a report (so, any TIBTable or TIBQuery)
After that, you would only have to setup your connection right and all should work



Thanks for help,

Can I use TIBODatabase connection properties to TIBDatabase? Currently we are using TIBODatabase for connection to firebird database. If yes, how?



Its great!!

I followed your suggested solution and configured connection properties/parameters and it works now.

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