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Dell Inspiron 6400 RAM Question.

Dear Experts,

I am planning on upgrading my Dell Inspiron 6400 from 1gb memory to 4gb memory. However I found (from a few sources) that this model will only take 2gb maximum.

other sources are saying that it will support 4gb, and that Dell just won't officially say that it will support 4gb as they will not run in dual channel.

The bottom line is, if I get 2x2gb, will the laptop support it and will I see performance gains by doing so?

By the way the OS is only 32bit so I am aware I will not see the full 4gb.

Many Thanks!
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Tech Support Coordinator
go to http://www.crucial.com/ and run the scan, it will tell you everything you how much ram your computer can take and which ones to buy.
I would suggest using the laptop to browse to crucial.com

From there you can install a small activex control that will tell you what your current memory configuration is, and what the maximum is that your machine will take.


Thank you very much!