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Setup Automated Report Emails from Access 2010

I am using the Access macro EMailDatabaseobject to create a PDF report that is emailed to X recipient.  However, when I run the macro it simply opens and Outlook send email message with the PDF attached.  

See here:

Which is nice, however, what I want to do is automatically send this email.  I am setting up scheduled tasks to run these reports say once a week and they need to run when I am not around.

Everything I find is older vb scripts to automatically fill in lists of customers.  I simply need to send it to X department heads on Y schedule.

The script I use to run it is as follows:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\MSACCESS.EXE" /ro c:\RoutineReports\sp_reports.accdb /x EmailFutureEvents /nostartup

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You can use the Windows Task Manager for that.
Create a new scheduled task, and your script to it.

Hope this helps,
What about removing the need for an Outlook client all together with and using something like Blat.
Look at the examples for Access.

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Are you looking for a solution within Access ? I remember you were interested to send attachments with change e-mails from SP. Is this question related?


Thanks vasto but this is a different question.  I would like to automatically send the emails from an Access macro if possible.

Daniel - that's the plan, except the script does not auto-send emails.  That's what I am trying to figure out.


wwwb0n3zcom I read up on blat and it sounds like it could work.  But can you tell me how to use it within Access.

The Access example here does not really say how to use it to the non-programmer.
Yes, so if you are able to create a scheduled task, which running that script, it will send this email right?

So it will send automatically on set frequency.

See below example on how to accomplish this:

Hope this helps,
nkrueger84 - what version of Access are you using?

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