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Port Scanning Tool for LAN

anyone know of a tool or a way to test to see if a port is being blocked by the routers or switches between a vpn tunnel, we have 2 sites and there is an ipsec vpn tunnel between, a machine on a vlan at main site is trying to access a machine on a vlan at remote site but can't, it can ping it, and remote desktop into it,  but it uses the following ports

7: UDP
68: UDP
53: DNS
80: TCP
110: POP
25: SMTP
161: SNMP
162: SNP Trap
123: SNTP
47808: BACnet
4096: N2 Tunneling
4097: N2 Tunneling
1433: SQL Database

we replaced the current network hardware at main site, but the fact that i can ping and remote into it has me scratching my head, i don't see anything in router that would be blocking ports.  So i didn't know if there is a tool that i could test with?
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Run Nmap and point it at the remote IP it will tell you what ports are open :)

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