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Session sharing in Xenapp6 not working

eensolution asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Dear all,

We are having a complicated problem with our Xenapp farm.

- DC01 is domain controller, file server, and Citrix licensing server
- XA01 is Xenapp server, and web interface server.
- XA02 is Xenapp server.

- XA01 and XA02 are in the same farm and working group. Both have all published applications installed, same versions, all working fine. Both are Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
- Clients connect through web interface to a published desktop of one of the servers. Load balanced.
- Applications are a mix of native installed and streamed to client applications.
- Single sign on is enabled.

The problems:
- If a user opens a desktop session, and from there starts Application A (native installed, published), a NEW session is created. Sometimes to the same server, sometimes to the other server. If i look in the delivery console > servers > for example XA01 > users, the user has TWO sessions with seperate session ID's. One for the desktop, one for the started application. If the user starts a third application, a third session is created on the same or on the other server, and so on. Seems like session sharing is not working? When checking qfarm /load, both servers report around 1400 on a busy day.
- The second problem is in single sign on. If a user starts an application, he sometimes gets a Windows Server 2008 R2 logon screen before the application starts. When he enters his credentials, the application starts normally. This only seems to happen if the application is started on a different server than where his desktop session is on. First we had this problem all the time because the online plugin constantly snapped back to "prompt mode". We fixed this by adding "DELKEY ("Software\Citrix\PNAgent")" to the loginscript, also see http://jasonhess.blogspot.com/2009/01/citrix-11-client-and-pass-through.html. Now, the problems occurs randomly as described before.
- The third problem is that sometimes, when a user logs in to the desktop, a login screen from the online plugin pops up, asking for credentials. When the credentials are entered, it does not appear again for quite a time. After a random amount of logons the user gets te prompt again.

Please help out!
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To your first problem: As far as I know, session sharing never works with desktop sessions. Application started from within a desktop session always create a new one. But the second application should open on the same server/session as the first application.
Do both application have same configuration (audio, color depth, encryption level)

Anyway, why do you start published applications from a desktop session when those applications are installed "local" in your desktop session?


Hi there,

Did some more research. I made a mistake. I now see that everyone has just ONE session each. Started applications are noted in the console, but with the same Session id. Strange thing is that you say session sharing should not use the desktop session for started application, but it does.

Just logged in with a test user. Started MS Word, Excel, Outlook and a streamed application. All have started on the same server, under the same session ID as the desktop session.

Just for some users, outlook for example is started on a different server then where there Desktop session is running on. For example, the desktop session is running on XA01. Also Word and Excel are running under this session ID on this server, but outlook is started on XA02. At this time, the servers have almost the same load (2400/2600).

Another strange thing is the reported client name in the delivery console. If i log in to a desktop session, the client name of the session is the name of my own laptop. When i start some apps like Outlook, also my laptop name is noted as the client name. However, for some users the client name is not the workstation name, but XA01 or XA02. It only happens when users are connecting over the internet through the CAG. Is that the reason, and could this have something to do with the problems?

Now, to answer your question "Anyway, why do you start published applications from a desktop session when those applications are installed "local" in your desktop session?"...
Why not? This should work. I could just make ordinary shortcuts to make shure that the application is started on the same server, but this would not solve the problem for the several streamed applications that also have the SSO problem.

Please help!
From the perspective of your users, it's probably a lot easier to have them access either published apps or published desktop but not both.  You'll find you get a lot fewer help desk calls by not providing the users with too many options.

So far as SSO being enabled, do you really mean Pass-Through Authentication?  Single Sign-On is what Citrix used to call Password Manager and is the add-on that enables distinct user credentials to be passed so subsequent applications.  Pass-Through Authentication is where the same user domain credentials are subsequently passed.  I think what you're referring to is the latter, but please confirm.

Sometimes the behavior you're seeing is the result of timeout settings.  If a user accesses an application or desktop, runs off to a meeting, and then comes back and attempts to access a subsequent application, if the first one has timed out, a new logon is required.  Double check your idle and disconnect timeouts.  These may be configured via Citrix policies (best place) or AD RDS GPOs.


You were correct that SSO was not working. As a last resort we reinstalled the whole farm, and used Xenapp 6.5. This works like a charm!

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