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Troubleshooting AD sites

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
My Sites Configuration:

Site HQ  (Subnet 1)
I have 2 Domain Controllers (DC1 and DC2) in the HQ site configured with IPs from subnet 1

I have a Router in between the 2 sites

Site Sat (Subnet 2)
I have 1 Domain Controller (DC3) in the Sat site configured with an IP from subnet 2. I also have a client configured with an IP from subnet 2 on the same side of the Router as DC3.

Every time I login the client on Subnet 2 I run set logonserver from the CMD prompt and it says it’s still authenticating to DC1.

I thought this configuration in AD sites and services was supposed to prevent this problem? Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?
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Amitabh SinghCloud Architect

you need to check Global catalog option in Server properties !

AD Site and Service >  "Site Sat" > DC3 > Right click Properties and check on Global catalog option

Wait for AD replication


DC3 is a GC. I'll let it set for a few and see what happens.
Cloud Architect

can you check the DNS setting on one client on Subnet 2 (its need to Primary IP = DC3)

also check if DNS sending client to DC3

Example : lets assume your DC DC3 is the memeber of XYZ.com  (DC3.XYZ.com)

now login to any client on Subnet  2 > open CMD > try Ping XYZ.COM  "check if DC3 IP address is replaying your echo request"

if echo request responder IP is other then your DC3 it miens you have problem with DNS Forwarding check your DNS setting !


It ended up being a secondary NIC on the client, I disabled that and everything worked fine.

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