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is there a way to protect a pdf file saved on a USB drive that will allow people to Print but no save a copy to another computer...?

my boss wants to share a pdf to another person, he will send the pdf file on a USB drive; my boss told me that he wants me to protect that file in order that his friend will be able to Print the PDF content but he can not save a copy on his computer...

how can i do that?
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

You cannot stop someone who can read a pdf from keeping a copy. You password protect, you can use preshared keys so only he can open it...etc etc. But if you give someone access, they have access. Thats a one way door.
If you can view/read, you can copy.  I don't see anyway around you can protect it.

Kingston http://www.kingston.com/flash/secure_usb.asp has secure USB flash drives with encryption to protect your data.  However, if you allow someone to read it, that is another story.

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