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HyperV Server missing

I have a HyperV Host machine which has 2 Virtual machines. They both had a snapshot which I decided to delete and then turn off and let them merge to free up a little disk space. However one machine worked but the other disappeared. I decided to have a look in SSVMM in case it still showed up in that program. It is listed there but as MISSING, the strange thing is the Virtual Server is still running, it is a full working exchange server that is in production and everything is working ok.

I was hoping that if I restart the Virtual Machines and the Host server that all may be ok, however I am a bit nervous about doing this, in case I cant start the problem Virtual Machine.

I have made an Acronis backup, but hope I dont need to use it.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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It’s really strange. I am not sure but the reason of listing the VM as missing could be a corrupted config file. The fact that you deleted the snapshops while the VM was still running complicates the situation.

Anyway, deleting a virtual machine does not delete the VHD files. So, may be, it will be able to complete the merge once you shut the VM down. But, I won’t take chances and I would take some backups.

You say, you have Exchange server running on this VM. Which exchange roles? Does it host the mailbox databases too? Does it still receives and sends messages?

If that is the case, I would disconnect its NIC to stop the active send/receive and I would take a full VSS backup, including system state, bare-metal recovery and all drives using Windows Server Backup on an external USB drive. In theory, in worst case scenario you should be able to rebuild your exchange server and restore the mailbox databases. Most of the exchange configuration is saved in active directory, so the only think you should take care of is the mailbox databases.

I hope this helps


Still going withe same problem.
I can create a new machine using the original VHD which starts, however my Exchange server is now 2 months old. I had a look aon the internet for help and can find that I can EDIT the VHD and AVHD to enable a merge of the 2. However I now read that I shouldnt have started my Virtual Machine as the Date stamp of the AVHDis no longer compatible with the VHD. Any help will be appreciated.


I eventually merged the AVHD and the VHD by editing the disk, then once completed I reimported and all good.

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