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VMware VMotion / ISCSI

bill_lynch asked
My question, is a theoretical one about how vmotion / vsphere treats ISCSI Luns

We have 3 ESX hosts, and we plan on using 6 iSCSI Luns

system disk - high priority
data disk - high priority
etc, etc,

Question is, if we have multiple hosts attached to the same lun, i.e System disk - high priority and then we vmotion a vm from esxi1 to esxi2 then essentially both hosts would be writing to the same iSCSI Lun.  We've read that multiple hosts writing to the same Lun can cause corruption.  Can someone straighten us out?  Is this the case?  If so, what is the recommended configuration or a small example?
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We are using the vSphere Enterprise with vCenter
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Hosts writing to the same LUN, can cause corruption

Not in a VMware vSphere hosted environment, which handle iSCSI LUNs locking correctly.

We have many clients, and we have many LUNs, being read and written by ESX/ESXi hosts without issue.

That's why we have shared storage, all hosts can read and write LUNs concurrently with no issue.
I would have to ask the question of "if your SAN is NFS capable why would you iSCSI connect the hosts"
If you have a NFS capable SAN NFS would be my choice of connectivity from the Host.


Thanks for the responses.  We've moved forward and all is working well.

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