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Not sure if my 2008 R2 DC's are aging & scavenging stale records...How can I check this?

Hi, I am trying to figure out if I need to do anything extra with my DNS servers on my domain.

Currently, I am in the process of replacing my Server 2003 DC's with Server 2008 R2 DC's.

With the Server 2003 DC's, I have the Aging & Scavenging set and verified it works.

Now, I am replacing these DC's slowly but surely with the 2008 servers and I am noticing some DNS records that are stale, but are not being removed.  Not sure if it is just not stale long enough to be removed automatically or if something else is not set for the 2008 servers.

Also, I have verified Aging & Scavenging is set on my main DC (aka PDC), & the DNS is integrated with AD.  So, when it removes a stale record it should be replicated (updated) to all the other DNS servers, because they are integrated with AD too.  Right?

There was a message that popped up during the promotion to DC's of my 2008 R2 DC's, that mentioned something about not having delegation rights to DNS.  Is that what I need to do?

Lastly, is there logs somewhere that I can check to verify if stale records are being removed from the DNS server(s)?

Just wondering.

Thanks in advance.
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   PLease go through this article it will help to understand scavenging in a better way.

as per delegation is concerned there is nothing to do with scaving dns records.
i personally would recommend to stop scavening .
Please let me know if there is any issue or confussion.
rsnellmanIT Manager


OK, so I have seen this article before.  Thanks for it though.  Nice to refresh up on it.  

As for the DNS delegation, just ignore it?

Why do you recommend to stop scavenging?  I thought it worked well in 2003 and saved me some DNS duplicate headaches I was experiencing before I implemented it.  It is like automagically.

So, why would you recommend to stop it?

Just curious.

Thanks again.
    its a personal recommedation ,as i have seen scaving sometime doesnt do its job properly,disabling scaving will not harm your system.
however has the scaving problem been resolved or you are facing the same problem.
rsnellmanIT Manager


OK, so I have verified that the aging & scavanging is working correctly.

Guess I just had to wait for it.

Thanks to all.

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