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Wamp Server and Zend Server  unable to access correct PhpMyAdmin

Hi, I have been using Wamp as my local server for quite a while now.  I was investigating Zend Studio, and Zend Server CE.    

I installed Zend Studio and Zend Server,  and it all worked fine.  But i can now longer access PhpMyadmin on Wamp, so no access to any of my databases,  it just goes straight to the Zend version of PhpMyadmin, and there are no databases.  I thought unistalling Zend Server would do the trick,  but even though i can access the Wamp Homepage,  clicking phpmyadmin, goes to the new version.  All my wamp local websites, bring up error establish connection to the database page.  Plus the Wamp icon on the taskbar is yellow, instead of white.  

Anybody know how i can get back my wamp version of phpmyadmin, so i can access my websites.

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Sounds like a port conflict to me.

Make sure there is no "Zend Server" service running in the Windows Services
Web Developer
There was no instance of Zend Server running.  

After trying various things, it was actually MySQL which was causing the problem. Installing Zend Server installed another instance of MySQL,  PhpMyAdmin was then working with this instance of Mysql which had  no databases.  Once i uninstalled MySql from my control Panel,  the Wamp Server icon changed to White, and then i was able to access all my Wamp websites, and databases through PhpMyAdmin.
Jon ImmsWeb Developer


I solved my own solution,  as i stated in the previous comment

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