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problems going back from win7 to xp media center

atf3doc asked
A customer brought in a desktop that they had installed windows 7 pro as an upgrade from Windows Media Center Edition. Someone told them that all their icons , etc. would be the same as before. They couldn't find anything. They wanted it put back to WinXP. I followed the procedure in Article ID 971760, "How to restore a Windows 7-based computer to a previous Windows installation by using the Windows.old folder."
The operation went better than expected; however, there is one big hitch. I was unable to move the programs from Windows.old to C:\. I tried to reinstall Microsoft Works, but it will not open. It appears briefly and then disappears. I ran xp file association fix, but that did nothing to rectify the situation.
I did clone their disk before attempting anything, so I do have a  copy of what I started with.
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Did you get an error when you tried to move the Program Files from the Windows.old folder?  If you know your clone is good, I would recommend restoring the clone at this point so you know you are in operating order that is familiar to prior installing Windows 7.
So when you're trying to run Microsoft Works, are you clicking on an icon on the desktop or something?

When you tried moving the "Program Files" folder back to C:\ , what was the error it gave? Did you have the entire path in quotes like it shows in the MS Article?

The programs that were previously installed need to be moved back to C:\Program Files\ in order to run properly. There's often registry entries and such that expect the programs to be there.

Try booting from a Linux Live CD like PartedMagic and move "Program Files" from "C:\Windows.old" to C:\ .


The clone was made after they had installed windows 7. At least I can access windows.old. I may try another clone (of a clone) and try the process again reverting back to Windows XP. I can't remember the exact phrasing of the error when trying to move the programs.


Yes, I clicked on desktop icon and also went to the root .exe...no joy. I had the entire path in quotes, and when that failed without quotes. I tried "Parted Magic", but I couldn't get it to load fully. I'm trying "Ultimate Boot CD 4.5" at the moment. If that doesn't help, I'll try my clone of a clone method and will be able to give more precise error wording.
I copied the original drive to a larger drive and then started the procedure again. This time with more space it succeeded. The instructions said if free space was only half as much as the Windows old folder it would fail. Originally free space was only slightly smaller than Windows old folder..I guess that was the problem.


This is what worked

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