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Connect many computers via a PoE switch only

tamimr asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I need to connect 10 computers (all running XP SP3) to a computer housing a lot of files (also running XP SP3) via a PoE switch (Nortel 24-T).  No Active Directory. No DHCP. No Router.
I have put all 11 computers on same Subnet and appropriate IP addresses.  Also they're in the same Workgroup.  The 11 computers can Ping each other successfully.  
My problem is that I cannot locate the files.
How do I share a folder (on the 11th computer) so the other 10 computers can access it?
Many thanks in advance.
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make sure it is xp pro and not xp home
right click on the folder and choose share - you can set permissions there.
make sure the "server" has usernames and passwords set the same as the username/passwords used on the workstations.
you should then be fine on the workstations
to browse \\xpserver\sharename
plus you may need to go \\\sharename - or whatever Ip address the "server" is set to - as you dont have anything doing dns

On the computer that you want to share files from:

Assign a static IP address.
either allow your LAN subnet through the firewall, or turn the firewall off through control panel.
Share the folder that you want access to from your other machines.
Go to network and sharing center and turn on file sharing.

On the other computers:

go to start> run.  Type in \\TheIPAddress and press enter.

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