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Need help creating custome template in Wordpress

tamray_tech asked
I have set my site up to use a template for the static front page that displays new blog posts at the bottom. it functions as intended, but my front page loses the intended formatting and design when I use the pageofposts template, rather than the default page template. I am attaching screen shots of each and the accompanying template used. Essentially, I want to have my front page look exactly as the default template page does, only with the blog posts below. Currently the pageofposts template pushes my widgets  to the bottom of the page ans well as changing the font and page layout.

 I am very green on working with templates and php, so I need assistance determining what elements to add or change to get the desired look.   Default Template Pageofposts Template normal-page-template pageofposts-template
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

When I gave you the sample code for page of posts, it was unformatted.  You are supposed to shoehorn it into your existing page template: copy page.php, add the code I gave you - not replace it wholesale.


OK.. Where in the page.php do I paste the pageofposts code, so everything works?
Don't talk to me.
Not in page.php

Make a copy of page.php and name it page-whatever.php so WordPress detects it as a template.  Then in the copy, you will need to be able to analyze the code to pick out the formatting blocks and insert the page of posts code in the correct spots.


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