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Multiple RDP Connections for a single user in sever 2008

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
We have an outside vendor doing work on a Widows 2008R2 application server.  They have 4 people from their team that would like to connect to do the work remotely.  Microsoft only allows 2 - concurrent connections at a time (I believe to stay away from the too many cooks spoil the broth idea).  

Anyways, they are being adamant about getting the ability for more connections and I see two possible solutions, which neither I like:

- Enable terminal services on the server.
- Allow multiple connections from a single user.

Both are possible but I'm just wondering what the experts would say about this scenario when work is being done on a server.  Good idea to enable these multiple connections or bad idea?

Thanks for your time,

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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
I agree with you as this is a silly idea. Maybe install a CBC server and let more than one play in the same instance at the same time? That should be fun to watch.
I would not recommend making a general application into a Terminal Server (unless the application server is a terminal server) - and maybe that is what is needed if they are being users.  Allowing multiple connections from a single user doesn't correct.  Only 2 concurrent connections are allowed.  People shouldn't normally be in the server a lot.  There are other solutions, such as RDPing into another server or running external tools (say over a VPN or on the LAN via another RDP or other remote connection).  This seems very strange.
David Tolo Technology ManagerTechnology Manager


Thanks guys, i just wanted to make sure others felt the same I did about using multiple connections to an application server.

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