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Solaris 10 - Tape drive not available

Hello everyone

I have a HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 SAS connected to a server with Solaris 10 on it. The tape drive is connected over a HP P212 controller.
Now i'm not able to see the drive. The /dev/rmt directory is empty.

I tried to install the driver for the controller, but when i was about to run the .pkg file the following error appears:
pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
    - open of <pwd/CPQary3> failed, errno=2

The Command i used was:
$ pwd
/var/tmp/CPQary3-x.y.z -solaris10-i386
$ su
# pkgadd -d ‘pwd‘/CPQary3.pkg CPQary3

Any ideas how i can manage to access this tape drive?

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Top Expert 2010

Looks like you have the wrong driver.  The solaris drivers at the HP site have a different file name.

Did you get drivers here:

Plus, since this is a raid controller, then frankly, all bets are off if the controller supports tape drives under solaris. You generally want a non-RAID controller for tapes, especially something as fast as the ultrium 920


Yes the driver i tried to install is from that link. Is this the wrong one?

I have to do this for a customer so i don't think he likes to buy a new controller.

Top Expert 2010
Well, gut feeling is that it won't work, since you found the same driver that I saw. The controller they have is a RAID controller, and they have special drivers for it, which are going to have to be married to a specific version of solaris.  Sun/Oracle builds SAS / JBOD drivers into the kernel and those drivers will work with the off-the-shelf LSI MPT family of JBOD SAS controllers, like the 3442X and 380x.  

You have a lot up against you to even hope it will work.  The drivers are for a specific version of solaris, that may or may not blow away the other sas drivers, plus you are using a RAID controller.    The release notes give you specific versions of solaris it supports.  You didn't mention the distribution and release number, but if the HP/CPQ drivers aren't listed in the supported list, then give up.  


Ok that doesn't sound very well :(
 Do you think it would be easier with another Unix or Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu?
Or what would you do to get this stuff working?

Thx a lot for your time.


I managed to get i working with ubuntu server.

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