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Searching in SharePoint (CRAWLS AND INDEX)

Guilefox asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27

I have 60,000 htm files extracted from a webserver

They currently cannot be searched at all on the webserver.

I would like to store all these htm files in a SharePoint Document library then let users be able to search them and their content.

- I've imported them all into my MOSS 2007 Production Portal Doc Library.
- I have indexed a couple of the columns. (title and something else).
- I have Site Collection Administration Rights on the production portal they are stored.
- I have been looking at search scopes but not sure what I am doing.

Thats where I am.

I am wondering really two things:

Are my aims achievable with my level of access (so at site level using just search scopes and indexing) or will I need someone in Shared Services Adminstration/Central Admin to set things up like content indexes. crawls etc..

I do not have access to do it but if I know exactly what to tell the people who do that would help a great deal ! (even just the basics now and I will ask more questions for specific details later)

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Yes you need to add the url of document library to content sources for crawling...in shared services.

you can read more...at http://blogs.inetium.com/blogs/emau/archive/2006/04/29/86.aspx


Actually I was a bit eager to accept your solution this is more relevant for MOSS 2003 I am using MOSS 2007 :(

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