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Missing hard drive in SBS console server storage list

I would like to move my WSUS repository to an external USB hard drive due to low disk space or to a network drive. However, there doesn’t appear to an option to move to a network drive and the external USB drive doesn’t show up.

Strangely, another external USB drive does show up. So I went to computer manager/hard drives to see if there was anything wrong with the other hard drive, both USB drives seemed the same from here except that one had a 12mb empty partition (which did work) and the other just had one partition which was for everything.
NB,  the drive has a letter assigned to it and works fine in windows Explorer.  Both are NTFS.

Can you advice why this is / how to get the hard drive to show up?
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Gary Coltharp
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Moving your WSUS repository to a USB drive is not recommended... and it may even be prohibited by the move wizard, which knows the difference between removable storage and physical storage.

If you need to move it to a new disk, install a new array or JBOD and move it to a physically attached disk.
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Ignoring the USB issue, moving a database to an external USB device, which I am not sure is even possible, could result in corruption. Can you not add a physical hard drive to the server and move WSUS to it?
You may also want to review the following to see if there is anywhere that you can regain space. You may not have an issue with the first pasr t of the article, but skip down to Known Issues, and even the later part about gaining space on the system partition.
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Thanks Guys,
 RobWill, sounded like you were going to include a link in your reply?

How about backing up to a network location?

Yeah, an extra hard drive might be possible but it currently has a RAID array so it might be slightly more complicated.

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Rob Williams
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Ended up cleaning out old backups.