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Giving permissions to view files relevant only to the person logged in? For example only view the status of their help desk tickets.

colonelblue asked
Hello Experts.

I am utilizing the Help Desk Module in SharePoint 2007.
Is there a way to create a web part or view that lets only the logged in user see their own help desk tickets and not anyone else's?
Or for that matter , only let the user see items that may be liked to them by their log in, username in any list or library whatsoever.

Thank you in advance.
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What do you mean by "Help Desk Module"? Was this a third party addon?


I dont know whaf to call it. Just an out out of box thing that came with SharePoibmt 2007. Just a mix if lists and libraries I'm certain.
If the Tickets are items in a List, you could create a new View:


When creating the View, make sure you add a filter for whatever column has the assignee's name. Set the filter so the column = [Me]

Here is an example - the column you need to filter on may be different:

Alternatively, if you need something more secure, you could create a workflow to update an item so that only an Admin group and the assignee have access to the item. You would assign this workflow to run on both create and modify (in case the assignee changes). To do this you will need to look at a third party tool, like the free SPDActivities (http://spdactivities.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Grant Permission on Item&referringTitle=Home) or the excellent workflow solution Nintex Workflow 2007 (http://www.nintex.com/en-US/Products/Pages/Workflow2007.aspx).



Thank you very much!

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