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How to restore a wireless printer to "online" state

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Last Modified: 2013-12-27
Somehow while I was away, my wireless printer (HP 4500) went "offline" and I cannot find any link to get it back "online".  I have looked in Control Panel/Printers/Properties. I have looked in MS WORD/Print/Properties. Inside the program print function/find printer link  I've seen "Active Directory Domain Services" is not available.??? but don't know what to do with that info. The wireless transmitter light at the printer faceplate is on.  If I connect the printer to a USB  port, it works fine.
Help.  My wife in the office next door needs to use the printer,
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You may need to start over again with its setup. On the printer LCD menu there should be a network connectivity option, or something similar. In here you can scan and connect to your wireless network.
This is a pretty common issue with the wireless HP printers I have seen.  Here is a link on the HP support site with all of the possible solutions to the problem.


The web link is a good tip.  I've downloaded to utility and will see how it works.  The TCP/IP address is not showing up anywhere yet which i think is a big part of this problem
The common ground to deal with wireless is to always check if wireless settings matches between your router and the wireless printer such as SSID, channel, security type and security code/phrase. If you have these settings match, then you should be able to get a valid IP from the router. A ping test is also good for diagnostics.
Any updates on this issue?


Still working on tis problem.  Keeping it "on-line" is sporatic and I need a printer daily so I have it  hardwired through USB port now.  I'll get back to you when I have time to reapply the wireless insights..
I.e., permanent solution still outstanding.

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