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beapit asked
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Last Modified: 2012-07-02
We want to mount iPads outside all of our meeting rooms.

I found an app that I want to use: EventBoard

I have found wall mounts that I like.

I need:
* EventBoard to launch on boot
* Allow users to use the home button on the iPad and run any installed application
* After a period of inactivity, I need EventBoard to launch again
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Currently, I do not believe you can do this.
Forgot to add... The makers of Event board writes that Event Board should be used with a mount that HIDES the home button...
This is something you could do but requires jailbreaking your iPads.  Not sure you want to do that in a commercial environment.


How would I make Event Board load on boot without jailbreaking?

I don't want to hide the home button.  I want users to be able to use any app on the device.  I do however want it to revert back to the EventBoard after a period of inactivity.

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