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How do I fix not being able to send emails on my blackberry being a BES user?

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I have been able to send and receive emails on my blackberry for a while.  Everything was working fine.  However, we had a power outage from a storm and the power was out for a few days.  The power being out shouldn't have an effect on this, though, because every other BES user at my company is able to send and receive fine.  I can receive all emails as normal, but I cannot send out emails.  After composing an email from my bes/exchange account, as soon as I hit the send button, I immediately get a red "X" on the left side of the message.  There isn't even a delay, its immediate right after pressing send.  I also don't get any error messages and no "failed delivery" messages.  Just a red "X" and unable to send.  It is weird because nobody else is having this problem and there was nothing changed as far as permissions go etc.. on the server.  Nothing is different.  Just all of a sudden out of nowhere, I can't send out emails from my blackberry, but can receive fine.  I am the I.T. person at my company so I have access to the BES admin interface and any other tools that might be needed to troubleshoot.  Please help!  This is crucial to be able to work especially outside of the office.  Thanks in advance!
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Are you sure the sending problem for you is only on your BB and does not apply when trying to send from Outlook or OWA as well?  The "prohibit send" limit is the first to be hit for Exchange mailbox size restrictions.

Double check the permissions on your user account to make sure that BESAdmin has the "Send As" permission (they should be inherited).

Have you checked your event logs?  Any errors present?


Footech,  I have no problems sending from Outlook and we do not use OWA here.  I get a bunch of 2000's error codes in the event logs...
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2000 what?  Need more detail.  If it's related, provide the full error.  Any other errors?

This sounds like the well-known issue of Microsoft removing SendAs permissions from protected groups (e.g. Domain Admins, etc.).  I can't say for certain, since you didn't provide the results of checking the SendAs permissions on your account, but since you're the IT person, I'm guessing your account is a member of Domain Admins.  There are quite a few articles on RIM's site that talk about it.
And from Microsoft...

The simplest workaround is to not use a Domain Admin account for email.  Otherwise, you can edit properties of the adminSDHolder container in Active Directory as described in the first Microsoft link, method 2.

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