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Simple, lightweight WYSIWYG editor for classic ASP

tobzzz asked
Hi Experts,

I've been using FCKeditor for years now as a WYSIWYG. What I'd like is one that looks a little more modern, that's lightweight and supported cross-browser and that is straightforward to implement with classic ASP.

I've done some 'Googling' but haven't found anything good - has anyone out there got a good one? Ideally a free one but if anyone really raves about one that a few £ $ then I'd consider it.

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This is free but looks a bit limited:
They do claim it is the most used free one!

The guys we outsource our web design to use this - but it isn't cheap:
Sorry - I must be brain dead this afternoon - that first one isn't what I thought it was.

The web designers we use say they don't know of any good free tools for classic ASP editing.
The cutesoft one is their corporate standard.

There is a very good programmable editor for writing source code which is called Crisp - but that isn't cheap either!
A vote for tinyMCE from me too.


tinyMCE looks powerful but doesn't look dissimilar to FCKeditor I currently have - though FCKeditor is quite file heavy, is tinyMCE quite lightweight?

The other I've found and like is Nicedit: http://nicedit.com/ ... looks lightweight and interface is quite nice looking. Has anyone used this to comment?

Thanks all

TinyMCE with basic features consumes 272kb. If you enable compression, then it's 50% of it's size. It's the most popular WYSIWYG editor at the moment. And it's completely free.

You can customize your bundle as well: http://www.tinymce.com/download/custom_package.php
Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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Did you check out the next version of FCKeditor?  http://ckeditor.com/  I have used other editors but ckeditor and tinymce seem to have the best features.  One of the features I find is  MUST HAVE is the ability to copy/paste from word.  Either that or have your own code to clean things up.  

Otherwise, for something lightweight if you use jquery is http://akzhan.github.com/jwysiwyg/ or http://jhtmlarea.codeplex.com/ (25k)

I will be trying out this one myself but it is no lightweight but it has a very modern look to it and nice features aloha-0.9.3

Most every time I use one of the lightweight editors I miss the features of ckeditor or tinymce.  


I'm going to be trying a couple in the next 2 weeks. Thank you all for your answers/input!


Thanks to everyone for your help/contributions/advice. After testing a LOT of editors including the ones suggested above that are free I settled on TinyMCE.

Thanks and Happy 2012