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Memory Windows 2008 R2 - Standby

eduardort asked
I need help to understand why the server be using:

In Use: 1654 MB.
Modified: 55 MB.
Standby: 4426 MB.
Images: 4 MB.

Total server memory in 6 Giga.

In this server, running SQL Server with DPM 2008. It is possible to be SQL 2008 that is reserving this memory?
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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
Distinguished Expert 2019

Windows will release the memory as required. Windows uses all the memory it can before it either unloads the system dll's from memory or writes them to the pagefile
This is normal even with a bare computer.


I do not think this is a normal behavior. Any window that I open the server, it starts generating Hard Faults / s. I have other windows server 2008 r2 and almost none have that kind of shared memory reserved.

From time to time, my server stops responding and I need To restart it to get around the problem. I'm guessing is the SQL Server that DPM is allocating memory. Do you think this could be it?
Simple Geek from the '70s
Distinguished Expert 2019
My Win 7 system the stats are as folllows:
Hardware reserved: 153Mb  In Use: 5796 MB Modified: 10 MB Standby: 1932 MB Free: 300 MB

Standby is just that...

Available: 2249 Cached: 1980 Total: 8039 Installed: 8192
I shut down a bunch of stuff
In Use: 4280  Modified: 10 Standby 2407 Free 1330
Available 3752 cached 2445 total 8039 Installed: 8192

As you can see the standby and cached moved up

DPM is a disk resource intensive operation and so can SQL server can be. Sometimes under very high disk activity my system freezes for a few minutes especially with intense USB drive activity.

in resource monitor if you mouse-over the item of interest a popup will show you more information on what this item means


Is there any way to limit DPM so that it does not freeze the system?

Last weekend, the server froze Friday, and only after he came back to force a boot to work. DPM installs an instance of SQL, is there any way to diminish the memory reserved by the sql for this instance?

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