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How do I configure 2 screems when using remote desktop connection?

RSchierer asked
I am using a Dell that has 2 montiors connected to it and they work fine. I can click and drag one screen over into the 2nd one with no problems.

I then go into remote desktop and all my icons show up on screen one like they should. My mouse will move between screen 1 & 2. but if I try to click and drag an icon or a window into the second screen it stops.

I have the remote desktop control icon that connect to this second PC to use both screens.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.

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Tech Support Coordinator
You can't utilize dual monitors within a remote desktop
Lara FEA
May be I do not understand your question, but when you "go into remote desktop " your remote screen like independent "monitor" on remote computer - you can not drug icon from desktop on one computer to another one.

If you need to copy something from remote computer to your local one, you need to save those to some location that is accessible from both
You can also modify RD connection properties to allow to access drivers on your local PC form remote PC.
If you go to explorer on remote PC you will see those.

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