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Outlook cancellation issue

gkbilstein asked
I have a user who will recieve an outlook 2010 meeting invitation, as an attendee, not as the organizer.  meeting can be either single or reoccurring.  after accepting the invitation, posting to his outlokk calendar.  There are times when he wants to delete the meeting. when he does this, outlook thinks he is the organizer, i.e. it only allows him to cancel the meeting, not delete it.
cancelling the meeting will cancel for all attendees....  again, he has only been designated as an attendee NOT organizer, we validate this by looking at the scheduling window.
any ideas why, as an attendee, he can only cancel meeting and not just delete it from his calendar.
i have a work around for this by taking him offline in outlook then cacnelling meeting and outbnox contents, but this is not something that can continue. please advise.
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Top Expert 2012
This was a known issue resolved in SP1

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