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Powershell cmdlet for Office 365 / Exchange online to create smart relay host...

JWong007 asked
Does anyone know of the Powershell cmdlet to create a smart relay host smtp connector for Office 365 / Exchange Online?  I would like to route messages from my Office 365 environment through a cloud SaaS to the recipient.
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I would imagine if their setup is anything like ours, that they have Send Connectors in place for the delivery of outbound mail, the thing with Send Connectors is that they are not organisation specific (at least in our Exchange 2010 with the /hosting model) which means that any Send Connectors in place are global to the system.

I would then assume from this that you will be unable to modify the default route your outbound mail takes as this is controlled via Office 365 and their Send Connectors.

Of course I could be totally wrong, maybe Office 365 have some kind of custom Transport Agent in place that allows their tenants to customise the outbound route their mail takes. I personally have not used Office 365 so couldn't comment on that aspect of things.

Beyond changing your outbound routes you could utilise Transport Rules or Journalling Rules to change the way mails flow in your environment, however without having more detail on what you are doing exactly it's hard for me to make any recommendations on what you should or shouldn't do, your original question is kind of wooly in the detail department!

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