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Image PS3 Hard Drive Issues

I'm trying to image my PS3 hard drive so I can put it on another hard drive but when I put it on the computer it tells me I must initialize it first. I don't want to do anything to it in case something happens, just image and tranfers.

Any thoughts as to why this is occuring?
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Keith BrownAWS System Administrator

What tools are you using? If you're just using the built in Windows tools, Windows may not recognize the partition on the drive, and it basically will want to reformat it.

However this link should have info on cloning your drive.

Here is another guide on how to install a larger capacity hard drive into your PS3.
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The best way to do this is to back up your PS3 to an attached USB HDD and copy all the data onto that, then replace the drive and restore the data back from the USB copy.

If you move the HDD to a PC it won't be able to understand the drive formatting and so assume that it needs to reforma the drive for use in Windows

To read the PS3 drive you'll need support for SPUFS which is the native format of PS3 drives (A Linux system should be able to cope)

If you want a format that both your PC and PS3 can use reformat it as FAT32 (You'll lose all your data)


Took a little while but worked great, thanks!

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