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Outlook 2010 out of office - recommendations for taming responses to mailing lists?

achapman5 asked
An employee was upgraded from 2003 to 2010 and noticed an increase in the amount of undeliverable e-mail notices she was receiving. These seemed to all stem from out of office messages that she'd sent out.

Here's the typical situation
1. Employee receives e-mail from a mailing lists
2. Employee's out of office responds
3. E-mail bounces around in the mailing list originator's e-mail server for 4-5 days
4. Employee receives an undeliverable e-mail message notice

Our employee doesn't think that she received that many of these when she was on 2003. Is the behavior slightly different in 2003?

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Sr. Systems Engineer
Add exception rule to out of office to not send replies to the list


It looks like we're not able to make proper use of this since we use the Kerio connector. Thanks!

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