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Best Way To Setup Public WiFi In Business?

We have a business and wanted to setup wifi, but don't want customers to access our computers/network resources.  What is the best way to do this?
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Please consider the followings:

1) The WiFi connection must be on a separate subnet preferably the private network segment such as 192.168.xx.xx 2) Do not allow routing between your private LAN and WiFi network.
2) Control and restrict access of the WiFi and secure the WiFi network with encryption available within the WiFi router.

I don't know what network devices you have for the WiFi setup so I can't be any specific but keep in mind that this is common practice to the business that the guest network must be separate from your LAN network.

Do you have multiple IP addresses from your ISP?  And if so, are any of them available?

If so, put a small (high quality so it doesn't fail or degrade your internet speeds) switch between your ISP and your firewall/router.  Then just plug in a fairly decent SMB or consumer WiFi router.  

There also may be ways to do this within the hardware you have.  But you'll need to let us know what kind of internet service you have, type of router and/or firewall (if separate).
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Here are a couple of ways to do it.

I use a wireless router that has a separate guest access that is isolated from my LAN and connects guest users directly with the Internet.  Here's the one I use:


Setup is easy and it is a dual radio b/g/n device, so users could connect to the guest network easily.
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The feature to build a private network/VLAN is built into most commercial routers. If trying to do so with less expensive SOHO routers you could use a router like the D-Link DIR-655  (feature not in the specs but see page 43 of the manual from ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Gateway/dir655/Manual/dir655_ca_manual_200.zip )
How to do so with inexpensive routers is also outlined in the following article:
Create an isolated network using one ISP connection and modem

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