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Form field values are not being posted after being populated via AJAX?

evibesmusic asked

I am using AJAX via the Prototype framework to automatically fill form values.

The problem is, after the AJAX call has been made and the form elements are filled with values, when I process the form, the values are not posted.

Seems that form fields are being posted with their original empty values vs. the values that are being updated via AJAX.

I have confirmed by looking at the generated source code after the AJAX call is made, the form's empty input fields are being posted and not the AJAX loaded values.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Top Expert 2013
Have you tested on the client side to insure that the AJAX call is actually returning the data, and can you show the code on the client side used to put the data into the form?

My appologies.  I accidentally had the form fields 'disabled' which was causing the data to not be post.

A few points for trying.


SOLUTION: Form fields were 'disabled'. Form data posts as needed now.

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