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Autocad Plotter replacement recommendation

My client is using a HP 450 c plotter that is hooked up to a xp workstation.
He is looking into purchaseing a new computer that comes with Windows 7 and I need to find a plotter that is comparable to the HP 450 c but will work with Windows 7.
He already know he needs to upgrade his Autocad
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i would wait for the new workstation before spending money on a new plotter to see if you can get the 450c to work with Windows 7. From HP's website you might be able to use the Vista drivers to have the plotter work with Win 7:

but to answer your original question it depends on the maximum size the user wishes to print, if they wish to print on rolls larger than 24" here is a good replacement:


Will this work with autocad?
it depends on the version of AutoCAD the user has. With the newer versions of AutoCAD (2000+) most printers you can install within Windows will generally work within AutoCAD.


Thank you

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