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Simple urls not working in Lync Server

draudeg asked
I have setup Lync Server using the standard server configuration. I have setup the dns records to reflect:

I can ping all 3 entries but am unable to first open up the control panel by going into the program or through the web url. But if i go through the web to this address https://ip address/cscp

then i can access the control panel.

I am unable to access any of the simple urls though. I am not sure if its an IIS issue as if i can ping those addresses dns should be correct
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if the nslookup on those domains resolves to the (internal) ip address of the frontend server, dns is ok indeed. One thing i can think of is the certificates assigned, when you ran the deployment wizard, did you check the sip domain name? this will include the simple url names to the internal certificate.

If you're trying from external, (will not work for the admin url) the external webservices are listening on port 4443 instead of 443, so a reverse proxy or firewall with port forwarding is required to access the web page

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