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How to Monitor Adapted 2405 Raid on ESXi 4.0

We have an (fee licensed) ESXi box with an Adapted 2405 raid card.  On another box with Openfiler, I have been successful in getting the StorMan software installed and can check the raid card from my windows workstation. However I cannot 'install' this on the ESXi box as 1) there is not enough free space on the root and 2) I believe it requires java.

I ran the command:
esxupdate query --vib-view | grep -i aacraid

and come up with nothing.

I did notice that aacraid service is running on the ESXi box.  Does anyone know:
1) this service will query the 2405 card?
2) can I connect to it using ASM on my workstation?
3) we run Nagios so can I query aacraid somehow?
    ( I saw and article on using a python scritp with nagios to do some monitoring (http://www.claudiokuenzler.com/nagios-plugins/check_esxi_hardware.php) wonder if this can be used somehow in conjunction with aacraid?)

Asside from purchasing a different card and upgrading ESXi, any suggestions? I am hesitant about upgrading the driver as I have read some post with people having problems after upgrading.  I know that according to Adaptec web site that there is no plan for a management tool for esxi, but maybe someone has found a work-around. ????
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There is no Support in ESXi for you to monitor your Adapted 2405 raid card. ESXi does not have a Linux based service console to support adding third party software.

Only custom OEM based ESXi versions from IBM, Dell and HP have the ability "monitor" the health of the RAID array using supported IBM, Dell or HP RAID controllers.


I do see on my Dell box with a perc 5/i that it shows the state of the raid as optimal therefore the vanilla ESXi is communicating with the raid card.

Guess we just have to pony up for a more expensive card that ESXi can monitor or has it's own out of band monitoring.  

Any suggestions for a decent SAS/SATA 4 port Card that support at least raid 1 and 10, without being overly expense? Would be nice if the card can send out email alerts/notifications without additional software to install on some other box.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Expert of the Year 2017

LSI SAS3081E-R, Smart Array 410i, DELL PERC, LSI 9211-8i

Plenty usually on eBay.

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