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Windows 7 with Sonicwall VPN Question

bobohost asked
Hello Expert,

     I have a remote user that runs on a Windows 7 Pro laptop.  They use the Sonicwall VPN Client to access our network.  Everything works great except we have an external company we deal with via a website.  For security they only allow us to login via our company IP address.  This remote user isn't able to login because when he's on the web it's using his home ip address and not the company address.  Is it possible to use the VPN connection when browsing?  I went into the Network Connections Preference order and set the Sonicwall to the top but doesn't appear to work.  Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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Sr. Systems Engineer
In MS VPN's there is a setting to "User Default Gateway on Remote Network"... if the Sonicwall client as a similar setting, that should solve it. We stopped using Sonicwall a long time ago...so sorry I don't have specifics.

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