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Is this too FEW pages?

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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I am about to launch a new website that will serve as a marketing platform for a small group of merchants whose own websites total more than 10,000.
I will be feeding in users to their sites.
Thee is no need for me to have more than five pages on my feeder site including the landing page.
In addition there are six services pages, terms, mission,about us etc.
I cannot see how I can add to the "editorial" pages because I have already covered the
I know that deep content that is relevant is very important as far as the search engines are concerned.  And I am aware that it is better to have a large number of relevant pages than just five.
Is there any comfort, advice or helpful observations that you can make before I launch????
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Google has been talking quite a bit lately about content freshness.  If you are trying to attract users that you will be sending to other websites, you will need to have content (fresh, new, relevant) in the area that you are marketing and referring users to.

Google rolled out a "freshness" update just this week that puts more emphasis on fresh, new content.

It is covered here by SearchEngineLand -


and also in a video by SEOMoz -


Bottom line, if you want to attract more users to send to other merchant's websites through organic search on Google (and Bing), you will need to have fresh, relevant content to the industry you are marketing to and referring for.

If you stick with your 5 or 6 pages, you may not get as many users referred to you from organic searches on Google/Bing.

If you want to experiment on this, you could start adding more pages with interesting and relevant content to see how many extra/new visitors you attract that you can refer to the other merchant's websites.


thanks.   If I change one of the pages in a dynamic - and helpful to my users - once a week I guess that would help a lot.
could not do it more than once a week.
have you any other thoughts?


Also.   What do you think is the minimum number of pages (static) and /or changing that I need??
digisel - I would suggest starting with one per week, and seeing what affect that has on your organic search results.

If it is really paying off for you in traffic, then start ramping up your production, either through you creating that content or outsourcing it.

It does need to be good content, as Google has done a whole series of algorithm updates that negatively target "thin" content sites; meaning website that have content that is not considered useful.
I've written about the Panda algorithm updates in an Experts Exchange series of articles -


By the way - do you have a sitemap setup for Google/Bing?  If not, take a look at sitemaps.org to get that setup.  Having a sitemap, AND setting a last modified time in your sitemap when you update a webpage is one of the BEST ways to get Google to re-crawl your new or newly updated content.


thanks freshcontent.  i appreciate your input and i will do what you suggest.

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