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BackupExec2010 and SQL2008

pdsmicro asked
i do not know anything about SQL, hope someone will give me some help on backup.
we have a windows2008 SQL server installed recently by the software developers.
they set the SQL tool to backup on a disk.
i want our backupexec2010R3 to be setup to do the backup.
when i select the database and deny access for the backup exec service account.
Do i have to change the account name to the SQL admin account?
i would appreciate ,if you could  put me in the right direction.
thansk you in advance.
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Did you purchase the SQL agent for BackupExec? If not, you have 2 options...
1) Purchase the SQL Agent for BackupExec
2) Use SQL backup o backup the DBs and then backup the BAK and LOG files


i have bought the SQL agent.
the SQL server is a VM machine.
Do i need to buy anything for VM?



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