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How to Block Internet Access with GPO in Server 2003

I have a windows 2003 domain with AD integrated DNS.

I need to block access to internet to some domain users regardless of the PC that they log onto.
I need to allow them access to at least three specific websites however.
I do not want to deploy a proxy server or make use of a firewall in this solution.

I am open to GPO and or a any other 3rd party tool.

1, How can I configure GPO to effectively implement my requirement, step by step?
2, Is it possible to use GPO to schedule when Internet access may be available to blocked users, like after work hours?
3, Is there any tool that can achieve this requirement?
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Hi, please go through this article this might help you.

Sajid Shaik MSystem Admin

some what u can do but u cant control complete... unles u are using ISA /FTMG/ any kind of utm / proxy server

Manager (System Administration)
As experts say, you can use proxyserver(ISA/TMG) OR

You try to configure content filtering through GPO. This is a nice article.

This should solve the purpose.
NOTE: Apply this GPO to ONLY those users whom you need to block all the website except few.


Hi hirenvmajithiya

The article referenced seem to be my best bet with GPO. In fact, I have applied this in the past and realized that it does not work for users.

If I understand, the problem is because of the fact that the DC on which I am applying the GPO is running a different version of ie than the target computers.

I have a mix of PCs running ie 7, 8 and 9 (windows 7) but my DCs are Server 2003.
Do I have to use Server 2008 R2 SP1 for example, with GPP?
Does it mean that  for my mixed ie envirnonment I cannot use GPO to target all computers?


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