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how to copy all macros in excel 2002 to new computer with excel 2010

I have about 50 macros on my old computer running xp and excel 2002.  Is there an easy way I can copy all the macros at once from excel 2002 to my new computer running excel 2010?
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I assume the macros are in workbooks or on your personal.xls workbook that opens every time you open excel.

Just make sure you save your personal.xls some where you can find again.

I would unhide it

save it on my desktop

install 2010 Excel

open the personal.xls and save it in the new XLStart folder.  Hide it again... and your good to go.


That works great!  But when I look at the XLStart folder, it shows the personal file as a 1997-2003 worksheet rather than the personal.xlsb file.  Will that cause a problem in the future?
It shouldn't, but if you want to upgrade the format here is how:

1.Copy the old Personal.xls file to the new system.
 2.Rename it something else, such as OldPersonal.xls.
 3.On the new system, start Excel and open the Excel 2007 Personal.xlsb file.
 4.Open the OldPersonal.xls file.
 5.Copy the macros from the old file to the new one.
 6.Save the new Personal.xlsb file.
That should be it—your macros will be on the new system.

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