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Handling an employee's last name change?

I'm wondering how others handle when an employee's last name changes, from changing the AD account to the mailbox name and delivery address.

Let's say "Sally Johnson" has a name change to "Sally Smith", and she does need e-mail going to the old e-mail address "SJohnson@company.com" but wants her e-mail to change to "SSmith@company.com", what's the best practice for this?
Or do you usually create an entirely new mailbox and just redirect the old addresses's incoming mail to the new one?
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AdrienneSperberTech Support Coordinator

If you right click the user in AD there is a Rename option, this is the easiest way to do it.
Top Expert 2013
You add the SSmith account and make it primary but keep the SJohnson address so that people that still have that don't receive NDR's.  Eventually you can remofe SJhonson when she is confident that no one is still using that.

If she is 100% sure no one will email her to that address now then you could get rid of it but there is the risk of mail being lost.




If I rename the existing mailbox from SJohnson to SSmith, will that keep all her past e-mail in the inbox?

If so, then could I do that and then create a "new" e-mail account with her old name, and just have an auto-responder + forwarder on that address to go to her new name e-mail?


Ok looks like it works.
Did external/internal tests with the mailbox.

I basically just made all the name changes and left the old SMTP address in her Exchange profile.

Is there a way to set an out of office or auto-reply for the particular SMTP address? Or can you only set an out of office message for the whole exchange/AD profile?
Out of Office replies are mailbox specific, not SMTP address specific.


Thank you

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