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Migrating to Exchange 2010 from 2007

I'm needing to know if there are any major benefits to justify the expense of upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.  The timing makes sense because we are short on storage so we need to do a hardware refresh.  I also plan on Virtualizing the exchange server at this time  However with having to purchase 350 Client Access Licenses the project gets very expensive.  I want to go to management with more than it is the "latest" to justify the large expenditure.  
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Some of the Exchange 2010 benefits over Exchange 2007:

- More features through the GUI (less powershell)
- Handles larger DBs much better (performance-wise)
- High availability (Continuous Availability) a lot more simple (one method instead of 4)
- With Outlook 2010, can search within documents (attachments)
- Webmail Premium works outside of IE (Firefox, Safari, ...)
- Improved handling with disclaimers at the bottom of emails
- Seamless Mailbox Moves

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