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Can't disable individual offline files

dkoch53 asked
I am running Win 7 Pro.  A few days ago it took 10 minutes to process my login.  After that my enable online files was turned on. I didn't do it.  I can turn it off but I never get my Documents folder back.  I could use online files but here's the problem: it syncs everything in my network home directory to my syc cache.  All 16 GB. When I try to uncheck some of the files that don't need to be synced--I can't.  The box is checked and grayed out. I AM the network admin so...he's no help.
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The initial sync is a pain .. it appears you have set up folder redirection.. what is your server product as the changes have to be done there. and what gpo's are in effect on your computer.


You pointed me in the right direction.  We did have My Documents redirected with a GP.  However, it's been in force for months without this incident.  It may have had something to do with a DC I recently demoted because it was having DC related issues.  In any case, I removed the re-direct and now all is fine.


Provided more or less a work-around.

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