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Cannot manage full access permission in exchange 2007

steveLaMi asked
I am logged into our exchange 2007 management console and need to grant the administrator account full access permissions on a particular mailbox. However, when I go to the users mailbox in reciepient configuration to add the administrator with MANAGE FULL ACCESS PERMISSIONS I get an error. It is window title "Microsoft Exchange" Some controls are not valid. You have not made any c hanges to the list of security principals that are granted permissions.
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Have you tried to use the powershell to add it?

Add-MailboxPermission “User Mailbox” -AccessRights FullAccess -user “administrator”

Where User Mailbox is the name of the mailbox to grant Full Access on and administrator is the administrator user you want to give access to.
Are you facing the same error when managing Send As permissions ..?

Have you checked whether Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent is selected or not for the user..?
U can find it in

Aduc-->  View --> Advanced Features --> Right the mailbox account and go to Properties -->Security tab --> Advanced.
Check whether it is selected or not.
After this give some tie to replicate and then check once.

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