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My computer stopped displaying Digital input but Analog from same videocard works fine

MainerZ asked
My Windows XP computer stopped displaying Digital input but by connecting a cable connection for Analog the screen worked fine.  Thinking that the video card likely had failed in it's digital mode, I bought and installed a replacment card ( EVGA 8400 PCI Express 2.0)  Updated the drivers but this also did not display a digital signal.  Thinking then that the digital cable must be the culprit, I bought a new digital cable. Same situation, no digital picture.  The only thing left is the Samsung SyncMaster 191T flat screenmonitor.  Am I missing some other possibility here?
Failure was instantaneous. Worked with digital signal for years. Completely failed while in use.
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Did you try to adjust the setting from the nvidia software?  You can select the output there as well...
I looked through the nVidia software,  But did not find anything that allowed me to choose an output.
As an experiment to see if the software would ask which I wanted,I connected both the HDMI cable and the VGA cable at the same  time and the computer posted and Windows XP started to load but did not finish.  Then decided to again try HDMI cable alone. Discovered that I may not earlier have completely seated the HDMI cable connection to the video card.

The machine is now runningfine on the HDMI cable alone .  My conclusion is that a poor connection existed historically and that some small movement caused the original disconnect on the HDMI cable.


Accepting my entry above as the solution.  Appreciative of the comments from PCChiu, but the soluition was was benefitted from his note.

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