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C# - ZedGraph Properties - Scale to Default.

ocaccy asked
What is wrong?
The chart is mounted! But the data does not show.
Information has to plot.

  int id01 = -30;
            int id02 = -70;
            int id03 = 0;
            int id04 = -20;
            int id05 = -10;
            int id06 = 10;


If you click the right mouse button and choose Set Scale to Default, the points appear on the graph.
How do graphic normally be shown?
private void GRAPHICS55mm()

                #region 2 mm zed55mm
                // GraphPane SETTINGS
                GraphPane myPane55m = zed55mm.GraphPane;

                //myPane55m.AddCurve("test curve", new ZedGraph.PointPairList(), Color.Red);
                myPane55m.Legend.IsVisible = true;
                //myPane55m.Legend.Position = LegendPos.Float;
                //myPane55m.Legend.Location = new Location(0.54, 0.02, CoordType.PaneFraction);
                myPane55m.Legend.FontSpec.Size = 18;
                myPane55m.Legend.Border.IsVisible = false;

                myPane55m.Fill.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Transparent;        // Setta a Cor no Grafico.
                myPane55m.Title.Text = "2µm - 7µm";                         // Setta o Titulo do Grafico.
                myPane55m.Title.FontSpec.Size = 29;

                // Y AXIS SETTINGS
                myPane55m.YAxis.Title.IsVisible = false;
                myPane55m.YAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;                     // Setta Linhas no Eixo Y ou seja na Horizontal.
                myPane55m.YAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 1;                          // Seta a Intensidade da Linha no Eixo Y.

                // X AXIS SETTINGS
                myPane55m.XAxis.Title.IsVisible = false;
                myPane55m.XAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 1;                          // Seta a Intensidade da Linha no Eixo X.
                myPane55m.XAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;                     // Setta Linhas no Eixo X ou seja na Vertical.

                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.Angle = 0;                       // Setta o Angulo do Scale do Eixo X.
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.Family = "Arial, Narrow";        // Setta a Fonte da Scale no Eixo X.
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.FontColor = Color.Black;         // Setta a Cor da Legenda do Dado que Entrara no Eixo X.
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.IsBold = true;                   // Setta Negrito na Scale no Eixo X.
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.Size = 30;                       // Setta o Tamanho da Fonte da Scale no Eixo X.

                // Set the initial viewed range
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.IsSkipFirstLabel = true;
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.IsSkipLastLabel = true;
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.Min = 0;                                 // We want to use time from now
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.Max = 7;
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.MinorStep = 1;
                myPane55m.XAxis.Scale.MajorStep = 1;

                myPane55m.XAxis.Title.FontSpec.FontColor = Color.DarkViolet;    // Setta a Cor do Titulo no Eixo X.

                // Horizontal pan and zoom allowed
                zed55mm.IsEnableHPan = false;
                zed55mm.IsEnableHZoom = false;

                // Vertical pan and zoom not allowed
                zed55mm.IsEnableVPan = false;
                zed55mm.IsEnableVZoom = false;

                //show the cursor Value
                zed55mm.IsShowCursorValues = false;

                PointPairList lista55m_1 = new PointPairList();
                PointPairList lista55m_2 = new PointPairList();
                PointPairList lista55m_3 = new PointPairList();
                PointPairList lista55m_4 = new PointPairList();
                PointPairList lista55m_5 = new PointPairList();
                PointPairList lista55m_6 = new PointPairList();

                // Initially, a curve is added with no data points (list is empty)

                LineItem curve55m_1 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID 01", lista55m_1, Color.Red, SymbolType.Square);
                curve55m_1.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_1.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_1.Symbol.Size = 8;

                LineItem curve55m_2 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID_02", lista55m_2, Color.Blue, SymbolType.Triangle);
                curve55m_2.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_2.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_2.Symbol.Size = 8;

                LineItem curve55m_3 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID_03", lista55m_3, Color.Black, SymbolType.Circle);
                curve55m_3.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_3.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_3.Symbol.Size = 8;

                LineItem curve55m_4 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID_04", lista55m_4, Color.BurlyWood, SymbolType.Triangle);
                curve55m_4.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_4.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_4.Symbol.Size = 8;

                LineItem curve55m_5 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID_05", lista55m_5, Color.Chartreuse, SymbolType.Triangle);
                curve55m_5.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_5.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_5.Symbol.Size = 8;

                LineItem curve55m_6 = myPane55m.AddCurve("ID_06", lista55m_6, Color.Coral, SymbolType.Triangle);
                curve55m_6.Line.IsSmooth = true;
                curve55m_6.Line.SmoothTension = 0.3F;
                curve55m_6.Symbol.Size = 8;

                // Scale the axes

                // Redraw the axes

                // Save the beginning time for reference



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private void Draw55(string id01_55,string id02_55,string id03_55,string id04_55,string id05_55,string id06_55)
            // Get the first CurveItem in the graph
            LineItem curve55m_1 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[0] as LineItem;
            LineItem curve55m_2 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[1] as LineItem;
            LineItem curve55m_3 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[2] as LineItem;
            LineItem curve55m_4 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[3] as LineItem;
            LineItem curve55m_5 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[4] as LineItem;
            LineItem curve55m_6 = zed55mm.GraphPane.CurveList[5] as LineItem;
            if (curve55m_1 == null)
            if (curve55m_2 == null)
            if (curve55m_3 == null)
            if (curve55m_4 == null)
            if (curve55m_5 == null)
            if (curve55m_6 == null)

            //// Get the PointPairList
            IPointListEdit lista55m_1 = curve55m_1.Points as IPointListEdit;
            IPointListEdit lista55m_2 = curve55m_2.Points as IPointListEdit;
            IPointListEdit lista55m_3 = curve55m_3.Points as IPointListEdit;
            IPointListEdit lista55m_4 = curve55m_4.Points as IPointListEdit;
            IPointListEdit lista55m_5 = curve55m_5.Points as IPointListEdit;
            IPointListEdit lista55m_6 = curve55m_6.Points as IPointListEdit;
            // If this is null, it means the reference at curve.Points does not
            // support IPointListEdit, so we won't be able to modify it
            if (lista55m_1 == null)
            if (lista55m_2 == null)
            if (lista55m_3 == null)
            if (lista55m_4 == null)
            if (lista55m_5 == null)
            if (lista55m_6 == null)

            int id01 = -30;
            int id02 = -70;
            int id03 = 0;
            int id04 = -20;
            int id05 = -10;
            int id06 = 10;


            // Make sure the Y axis is rescaled to accommodate actual data
            // Force a redraw

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Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011

I am new to C#, but I was trying to follow your question.
Unfortunately, I feel I'm missing something.
One of the things I don't understand is how these two methods which you posted are supposed
to work together.

Can you post the whole class?

I downloaded ZedGraph rantsome simple tests, and would like to play with it.
SO maybe it will eventually be helpful to both of us, iif you explain to me what I'm missing

We solved the problem.

I removed the comment these two lines.
So the lines and symbols appeared normal.


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This solved my problem.
Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011


I'm glad you resolved it.

I'll still look at your code to learn a little bit from it.


I could not solve my problem with the positioning.
I have other problems.
How to save the images generated by Zedgraph as xxx.JPG?
How to save the data that generated the graph as xxx.XML?