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Dell Perc 6i Bring in storage drive

As title implies I have a server that is running a raid I can see all the 3 drives in the dell server manager.
The two drives that comprise the raid and the 3rd drive that I want to use as storage space.
I only have options to make it blink, unblink, assign as hot spare or clear.  I want to use this drive as storage how do I make it storage.
I cannot see it my computer or in manage computer storage so the drive can only be seen in dell server managment software.
I formated drive outside of server because I was brand new and I thought maybe that was my problem but still no luck.
Any ideas.
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You can't add a 3rd drive in this scenario without reformatting all the drives.  With only 2 drives, you are using RAID-1.  You are wanting to move to RAID-5 (3 drives in the RAID set).  So you can have a hotspare or you can add another drive (so two RAID-1 sets) without changing the first two drives.
If the drive sata you could attach it directly to the motherboard and the os will see it.
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I openmanage server assistant you should be able to add it to the current container and either increase the siz of the current logical disk or make a second logical disk in the same container. I don't do Dell but if you select the container then add disk to is should be an option somewhere. The disk has to be at least as big as the current ones (and any bigger would just waste the extra space if it is larger). Alternatively create a new container and add it to that for a single drive without any RAID protection.
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Yes that is correct I have any array set up need to add storage could just put an external on it but the last time we did this the external drive got up and walked away.  This room is not a secure area lot of foot traffic so I felt safer this time adding it to the box as an internal drive.
Ok ... just go ahead and follow my directions to set it up as a single-disk RAID 0.