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Dell Management Console-- Discovery

We have Dell Management Console 2.0.2 running and OMSA v6.5 on several servers we want to monitor.  I've read the documentation, but don't understand the two discovery processes.

Actions | Discover |Import Microsoft Active Directory
  brought in all the machines from our domain.  The Dell servers all have Symantec Server Agent and OMSA v6.5.   But the Dell servers running OMSA don't appear in manage | all computers | dell computers.

Home | discovery |network discovery finds individual computers and seems to learn that they are dell computers running OMSA, and then provides more details.

I don't understand the difference between these discovery processes.
And Isn't there any faster way to target the servers in our domain to get them recognized as Dell computers (and transferring data from OMSA).
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Excellent answer by 65td.  Details are on p102 in the DMC Users Guide.
I found that if I included the entire domain in the Association task, it failed immediately.  But if I picked a few servers at a time, it worked.